Getting started at Skins.casino
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Account information
1 - I've forgot my password, what should I do?
2 - I lost my phone, how can I reset my Google Authenticator?
3 - Can I change my username or registration email address?
4 - How do I become a VIP?
Deposits and withdrawals
1 - How do I make a deposit?
2 - How can I request a withdrawal?
3 - What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits?
4 - How long do deposits and withdrawals take?
1 - How do I claim a bonus?
2 - Can a bonus be applied retroactively?
3 - What are the bonus wagering restrictions?
4 - What bonuses am I eligible for?
5 - How many bonuses can I use at once?
1 - How many games are there in the casino?
2 - Can I access all the games in Skins.casino?
3 - What kind of games are there in Skins.casino?
4 - Are your games provably fair?
5 - What should I do if my game is stuck or I get an error?
About Skins.casino
1 - What is the RTP of the games offered by Skins.casino?
2 - Is your casino licensed?